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Santiam Tray / Tunnel Commercial Dehydrator - UL EPH Approved
UL Certified

Santiam Tray / Tunnel Commercial Dehydrator - UL EPH Approved

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  • Large-scale tray-and-tunnel industrial dehydrator
  • Can be shipped in a standard 40 ft. shipping container
  • Choice of stainless or carbon steel construction
  • Fully insulated for precise heat & humidity control
  • Direct-fire gas burner generates 1 million BTUs
  • Can be operated with natural gas, propane, or butane

Overview of Santiam Tray / Tunnel Commercial Dehydrator - UL EPH Approved

Manufacturer #: Santiam

This 40-foot-long industrial dehydrator from C.D.S. (product Santiam-Dehydrator) is a powerhouse of dehydrating capacity yet is compact enough to ship anywhere inside a standard 40-foot shipping container. Quick installation will immediately provide you with almost 8000 square feet of prime drying acreage, using the state-of-the-art tray-and-dolly system. Manufactured by the Commercial Dehydrator Systems firm, a leader in large-scale industrial drying since the 1910s, this Santiam dehydrator has rugged steel walls (stainless or carbon steel, your choice) and a roof that’s full insulated in order to ensure precise humidity and temperature control. Your workers will monitor tunnel temperatures via L.E.D. displays (max operating temp in the tunnel is 104°C/220°F). Feel free to fine-tune your customized production protocols - the Santiam will do counter-flow, parallel-flow, batch and batch-to-dry dehydration protocols. The system’s powerful burner (choose propane, butane, or natural gas) generates approximately a million B.T.U.s and the tunnel’s 20-Hp fan keeps that heated air circulating uniformly and consistently. Standard dolly trays are stainless steel (34.5” x 34.5”), providing a total dehydrating area of 7870 sq. ft.; plastic trays are an option, although they provide less total drying space (6893 sq. ft.).

Dryer Dimensions
  • Height: 17-feet (5.18 m) when Installed
  • Width: 40-feet (12.19 m)
  • Length: 8-feet (2.44 m)
  • Thermostatic Temperature Control (from ambient to 220°F/104°C).
  • Powerful fixed speed fan (variable speed available).
  • Adjustable fresh air inlet (humidity control).
  • Direct fired gas burner (natural Gas or propane.
  • Steel Tube Construction.
  • Can be shipped in a 40 ft. (12.19 m) shipping container.
  • Approximately 7,870 sq ft (731 sq m) of drying surface area for standard model, stainless steel trays* on stainless mobile tray carts. *plastic option available, less sq ft inside dryer.
Estimated Operating Costs
  • Fan Motor: 20HP
  • Heat Type: Gas Burner (Max 2.5 million BTU's)
  • Fan Electrical Load: 19.79 kw/hr
  • Avg Heat Load: 1 million BTU's
  • Average Hourly Cost Fan/Heat
    10 Therms x $1.45 = $14.50
    10.26 kw/hr x $0.12 = $1.23
    Total Average Cost = $15.73
*Notes: All heating loads were computed based on a 40% consumption rate. This is an average figure, and may not accurately represent all applications. Energy costs will vary per Therm and Kilowatt. Check rates for your area.

Other Features

  • Easy to monitor LED temp displays
  • 20-HP ventilation fan for thorough air circulation
  • UL-approved for food sanitation safety
  • Maximum operating temperature of 220°F/104°C
  • Approximately 7,870 sq ft (731 sq m) of drying surface area standard
  • Great for drying industrial quantities of meats, fruits, nuts, leathers, etc.


MaterialStainless Steel or Carbon Steel
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