King Kooker

Who's the King in outdoor Cooking? Well, spell that last word with a K and the answer suggests itself: King Kooker, the industry standard in Outdoor Cooking and Cuisine for more than 31 years. Whether you're tailgating, camping or simply trying to satisfy your in-laws in the backyard, you'll find the rig you need with King Kooker. Devoted to supplying its customers with dependable and safe outdoor cookers, King Kooker over the years has participated in invested time and effort in developing the ANSI standards for general use outdoor cookers. Many of King Kooker's products are CSA Design Certified and are certified to a specific ANSI Standard (Z21.89). King Kooker sells a high-quality Multi-Purpose Outdoor Cooker, a number of specialized Turkey Fryers, Grillers, Roasting Pans, Grill Racks, Low-Presuure Smokers, Steamers and other products. Whether used at a campsite in the great outdoors or in the cozy comfort of your own kitchen King Kooker has the cast-iron "Kookware" you'll need for your specialty gumbo, jambalaya, freshly-caught fish or ham and beef steaks. And if your specialty dish isn't soo special yet, King Kooker can help with that too: they sell a fine line of seasonings, including Crab, Crawfish, Shrimp and All-Purpose Seafood Seasonings. Call with questions about King Kooker's outstanding "Kooking" products.

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