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TSM 5 Lb Manual Sausage Stuffer
Compare At: $209.99
Fall Sale: $125.99
Weston Jerky Gun, Original
Compare At: $69.99
Fall Sale: $39.99
Excalibur Economy Series ED-2500 Five-Tray Food Dehydrator
Compare At: $279.99
Fall Sale: $159.99
Bradley New Original Black Meat Smoker
Compare At: $399.99
Fall Sale: $259.95
Omcan (FMA) 'Band Saw, table top, 65" blade, 6-3/4"H x 8-1/4"W cutting capacity, .87 hp, CE
Compare At: $1,883.70
Fall Sale: $1,257.35
Dakotah Water Powered Sausage Stuffer - 9 Lb. Capacity
Compare At: $219.99
Fall Sale: $130.95
Edible Vegetarian Sausage Casings - Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly! (23mm - Makes 10Lbs)
Compare At: $19.99
Fall Sale: $12.95
Weston AutoFresh Vacuum Dome
Compare At: $44.99
Fall Sale: $24.95
Stainless Steel Scale, 11 Lb Capacity
Compare At: $89.99
Fall Sale: $38.68
Omcan (FMA) 4-Lug Knock Down Lug Rack - Aluminum
Compare At: $294.00
Fall Sale: $199.74
American Eagle Stainless Steel Manual Hamburger Patty Maker
Compare At: $300.00
Fall Sale: $179.95
Excalibur Deluxe Series ED-3900 Nine-Tray Food Dehydrator
Compare At: $399.99
Fall Sale: $229.65
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Why process your own meat?

Are you tired of paying a premium price for mass-produced sausages, jerky, and other meat products that have no real flavor, are full of additives and preservatives, and may have been made from undesireable animal parts? Are you fed up with sending your deer or other wild game to meat processors without knowing exactly how your meat will be processed?

Here are the top five reasons why it makes sense to do your own meat processing, instead of buying commercially produced meat products or having a meat processor process your deer or wild game.

  • Taste - Your homemade sausage, jerky, and meat cuts will taste better. You can add your preferred blend of spices and seasonings.

  • Cost - The sausage and jerky you make yourself will be less expensive than mass-produced sausage and jerky.

  • Health - Your homemade sausage and jerky will be better for you. You control the fat and salt content. You also won't have to worry about chemicals, additives, and preservatives.

  • Quality - You control what cuts of meat to use in your sausage and jerky – no worries about lips, noses, ears, and unwanted miscellaneous parts!

  • Control - If you let a friend or a game processor process your deer or other wild game, you don't have control over the procedures used. Your processed meat could include 'leftovers' from other game animals. And, you can't determine what cuts (parts) of the animal are used in making sausage. has all of the equipment and supplies you need to successfully process your own meat and make homemade sausage and jerky. Whether you want to process your own deer or wild game, or just make some tasty Italian sausage or bratwurst from meat you buy from your butcher or grocery store, we have the meat processing products you need!