In the year 2009 Jason Berry and Michael Caspar bought a food-service product manufacturing and distributing company, then called Pragotrade, USA. The rest, as they say, is history: rechristened Weston Products, the company today has earned a spot on Inc Magazine's 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List. Weston's client base includes foodies, gardeners, hunters and part-time gourmets basically, culinary aficionados with a bent for D-I-Y production. Whether you're cooking up sauces, wines or ciders, or processing your own meat, Weston will help you Do It Yourself. Weston sells a superlative line of meat mixers, sausage stuffers, and casings. Whether you need a deluxe two-gear vertical stuffer, perfect for serious sausage production, or just a compact, old-fashioned horn-type stuffer, Weston is the one-stop shop for meat processing perfection. With Weston's fine line of food and meat slicers you can shred, slice and dice like a pro. Weston's meat grinder line is second to none and Weston even makes the grinders for Cabellas. Call with questions about Weston's outstanding meat processing and food processing products.

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