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Weston Polish Sausage Seasoning - 4.55 oz, Model# 02-0015-W

Weston Polish Sausage Seasoning - 4.55 oz, Model# 02-0015-W

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Item Code:WEST-02-0015-W
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  • All natural Polish sausage dry spice seasoning
  • No MSG added and preservative free
  • Perfect for chicken, pork, beef, veal or lamb sausage
  • 1 tablespoon seasons a pound of meat
  • 4.55-ounce jar seasons 10 pounds of meat

Overview of Weston Polish Sausage Seasoning - 4.55 oz, Model# 02-0015-W

Manufacturer #: 02-0015-W

Lots of people think “kielbasa” means a particular type of large, smoked Polish sausage, but nope – “kielbasa” is just the Polish word for sausage. That being said, this dry spice seasoning from Weston (model 02-0015-W) gives you a delightful blend of marjoram, garlic, sugar, pepper, salt, and a bunch of other natural spices that will make any Polish sausage (or “kielbasa,” see above) proud (it will incidentally also make the sausage taste great). 4.55-ounce bottle is sufficient to season 10 lbs of kielbasa (or Polish sausage, see above). Great with sausage made from chicken, pork, beef, veal or lamb, or any such combination of meats.


Net Weight0.2 lbs
Ship Weight2 Lbs
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