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The eponymous founder of the world-renowned Waring corporation, Fred Waring, worked as a popular bandleader, musician and radio-television personality from the 1930s through the 1950s. Fred helped finance the patent application for the "Miracle Mixer" and introduced this device to the American pubic when he appeared at the National Restaurant Show in 1938. The "Miracle Mixer" was the first electric blender ever in recorded history and we know that device as the "Waring Blendor" (the distinctive "o" was used to spell “Blender" from its first appearance). Today the Waring Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of professional-quality food service appliances for the home and for foodservice institutions. The Waring company produces culinary appliances for two markets: Waring Commercial makes large-volume, high-performance blenders, food processors, heavy-duty cooking appliances such as griddles, grills, toasters and deep fryers, as well as a varied assortment of specialty products, to the foodservice market and serious home users. The Waring Home line on the hand is a line of high-quality products for the home consumer market. Waring has over 75 years of expertise in manufacturing for both the commercial and retail markets. Call with questions about Waring's outstanding commercial and consumer cooking equipment products.
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