Don't Let Your Venison Go to Waste!

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Don't Let Your Venison Go to Waste!
You worked so hard to hunt and kill the deer, bring it home, and process the venison. But your family, for whatever reason, doesn't eat it. Maybe you don't know what to do with it or they don't like the taste of venison or the venison dishes your family prepares. Whatever the reason, no one in your household is motivated to eat it and it just sits in the freezer all year long. Eventually, it gets freezer burned or too old to eat and it just gets thrown out.

You don't have to let this happen. Instead, make delicious venison sausage or jerky that everyone will love! Your family will be begging you to keep making more! Your venison won't sit in the freezer all year any more. In fact, your family may like venison sausage and jerky so much, your venison may not last a month. Your wife may even ask you to go hunt even more!

Making sausage and jerky is easier than you might think. And it's fun too. You don't have to start out big with a lot of fancy equipment. To get started, we suggest you check out the jerky and sausage making articles and recipes below.

Venison Jerky Information & Recipes
Learn how easy it is to start making venison jerky from day one! Step-by-step instructions, helpful hints & tips as well as mouth-watering venison jerky recipes.
Jerky Making Supplies
The most popular, top-selling jerky making supplies, equipment, and seasonings for making all flavors of venison jerky.
Venison Sausage Making Articles & Recipes
These helpful articles teach you how to make your own venison sausage at home and what supplies and equipment you need.
Top Selling Venison Sausage Supplies & Equipment
Here is a compilation of our top-selling sausage making equipment and supplies. Be sure to browse our site for additional sausage seasonings, sausage casings, and sausage making equipment you may want.
Sausage Maker Deer Sausage Seasoning - Makes 50 Lbs, Model# 91162
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Sausage Maker 25 Lb Sausage Seasoning Assortment, Model# 81216
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Sausage Maker Hog Casings - 35-38 Mm (1 3/8"-1 1/2") - Makes 125 Lbs, Model# 21300
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Sausage Maker  Stainless Steel Manual Meat Mixer - 20 Lb Capacity, Model# 44100
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