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A catchphrase for this company is "Beyond Toasting," and they do go beyond way beyond. As one of the first large manufacturers of home appliances, Toastmaster in 1921 introduced one of the first electric toasters for domestic use, the Toastmaster Model 1-A-1. This was the start of something much bigger; in the years that followed the company introduced a large variety of commercial products, including such Toastmaster stalwarts as coffee makers, blenders and waffle irons. Today the Toastmaster company makes a high-quality line of commercial cooking equipment, including countertop gas charbroilers, sandwich grills and thermostatic griddles. They make drawer- and cabinet-food-warmers, in a range of sizes. And, as you might imagine, they make toasters: for example, the renowned, state-of-the-art Toastmaster Conveyor Toaster, capable of producing a mind-boggling 900 slices of toasted bread, English Muffins or bagel halves per hour. This toaster boasts a large three-inch opening and can accommodate even the thickest slice of whole-grain bread. With a ten-inch-wide conveyor belt, this toaster's continuous-feed rack means you can toast dozens of bread products with the consistency and efficiency you need to keep ahead in your business. Call with questions about Toastmaster's outstanding commercial toasting products.
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