You’re viewing our commercial slicers. We carry Alfa, American Eagle, Fleetwood, General, NEMCO, and Omcan food slicers at great prices. We sell a wide assortment of food slicers, including bread, cheese, onion, tomato and vegetable slicers, easy food slicers, and vegetable slicer attachments. Our food slicers help with the preparation of breads, cheeses, onions, tomatoes, and vegetables quickly and efficiently for food service in specialty stores, diners, and restaurants. Our food slicers have a manufacturer warranty. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our products. Scroll down to view our commercial slicers.
Tomato Slicers
We have commercial tomato slicers available at low prices.
Vegetable Slicers
We have commercial vegetable slicers available at low prices.
Vegetable Slicer Attachments
We have commercial vegetable slicer attachments available at low prices.
Easy Slicers
We have commercial Easy Slicers available at low prices.
Onion Slicers
We have commercial onion slicers available at low prices.
Other Slicers
We have other commercial slicers available at low prices.
Bread Slicers
We have commercial bread slicers available at low prices.
Cheese Slicers
We have commercial cheese slicers available at low prices.
Slicer Accessories
We have commercial slicer accessories available at low prices.

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