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Undershelves and Dunnage Racks

Welcome to our full line of top quality restaurant shelving racks for all your storage needs. Depending on their purpose, these undershelves and dunnage racks are made of stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel or wood. They'll help you store, protect and enhance the useful life of your valuable equipment and tools while preserving floor space, translating into savings for you. Whatever your shelving and storage needs, we have the shelves for you including wall shelves, undershelves, dunnage racks, oven shelves and even wine cellar shelves. These products are manufactured by Omcan (FMA) a quality manufacturer of commercial equipment for a wide variety of industries including the food processing and food service industries. Whatever your storage needs, we have the restaurant shelving racks for you so feel free to call customer service with any questions and scroll down to see our full line of top quality items.
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