The world leader in state-of-the-art innovation for the outdoor barbecue accessories, Mr. BBQ transforms backyard grilling into effortless outdoor culinary creation. Founded more than four decades ago, Mr. Bar-B-Q has shown a commitment to providing superior consumer products and excellent value. Mr. BBQ's slogan is "Everything for the Grill™" and they mean what they say. Unlike other brands of barbeque products, Mr. Bar-B-Q's fine line of high-quality products can be used for gas, electric or charcoal grill setups. Over 120 products in the BBQ product line have patent protection – a sure sign that when you are looking for innovation and unique products, Mr. BBQ is the place to look. The Mr. BBQ product line includes BBQ brushes, BBQ tool sets, the Beer Can Chicken Roaster and the unique Grill Stone Pizza Set. Also prominent in the product line are barbecue tools, grilling baskets, grilling toppers, grilling platters, barbecue brushes and barbecue grill covers. In addition Mr. BBQ also offers barbecue presses and burn-protection safety gloves. At Mr. BBQ they pride themselves in offering the finest line of diverse, innovative and interesting barbecue products on the market today. Call with questions about Mr. BBQ's outstanding grilling products.

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