The Kold-Draft company, an affiliate of the Erie Management Group (EMG), has been keeping it cold since 1955, manufacturing a wide variety of commercial ice machines for the food service industry. The Kold-Draft line of machines produce the best ice available anywhere, thanks to Kold-Draft's exclusive "upside-down" evaporator an ice-making system that produces pure, sparkling ice that melts slower, cools faster and most importantly tastes better in beverages. With a wide variety of ice machines, ice crushers, ice dispensers and ice bins, Kold-Draft's industry-leading construction and design will save you money: Kold-Draft's machines have been engineered to produce clear, pure ice and to be self-cleaning, providing real savings in maintenance and service. The Kold-Draft's ice machine capacities range from 300 pounds to more than a ton of ice per day. All the ice systems sold by Kold-Draft are capable of being configured for production of full- or half-cubes and can produce crushed ice as well. This is state-of-the-art ice machine equipment for hospitals, restaurants, bars, hotels and many other commercial or governmental institutions. Ice cubes made in a Kold-Draft machine are the slowest-melting you'll find on the market today. Call with questions about Kold-Draft's outstanding commercial ice machine products.

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