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The first Kitchenaid Stand Mixer appeared in 1919. Although it was the first to be commercially released, it was dubbed the H-5 as testament to the versions that came before it in the concentrated industrial research and development that made it possible. The H-5 was a work in progress but that progress moved into overdrive in the 1930s, when the distinctive "Kitchenaid Mixer Silhouette" first made its appearance. That instantly recognizable silhouette hasn't gone away and has come to stand for dependability, efficiency and, above all, quality. Although justly renowned for their line of stand mixers, which can be purchased in a variety of sizes for domestic or commercial applications, the Kichenaid company, owned by the Whirlpool corporation, has expanded into the rest of the kitchen as well, and in the process has become a byword for timeless design in home culinary technology. Kitchenaid sells a fine and varied line of food processors, refrigerators, countertop ovens, slow cookers, blenders, waffle bakers and many other products. In addition to this line of appliance, they also sell the finest cookware, bakeware and kettles. Kitchenaid is the only brand of appliance that exclusively makes products for the kitchen and they keep the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Call with questions about Kitchenaid's outstanding kitchen products.
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