Kapoosh are the original incarnation of the slotless knife block and the company can be forgiven for the boundless enthusiasm with which it promotes its products. Their knife blocks are more durable and stronger than their competitors' and they are moreover virtually hassle-free. Kapoosh continually works on refining, redesigning and improving their product line and this commitment to the highest standards of quality shows in everything they sell. The Kapoosh company's signature line is of course the knife block and the product line includes the Julienne Block, the Dice Block, the Batonnet Block and the Rondelle Block, as well as miniblocks. If you long to store and organize your kitchen cutlery in an elegant, space-saving manner if you long to say goodbye forever to rummaging through drawers filled with mismatched cutlery, then Kapoosh's Dice block is just the thing. The largest of the Kapoosh knife blocks, with non-skid sturdy rubber feet, the Dice block accommodates blades of up to 8 inches in length. The smooth surface of the block makes for easy cleanup and the block's Flex Rods are removable and are safe for the dishwasher. Kapoosh also sells protective kitchen gloves (protecting against burns and sharp knives) and an assortment of cutlery knives in a five-knife set (in case you're lacking items to put into your fabulous Kapoosh slotless knife block). Call with questions about Kapoosh's outstanding knife block products.
Kapoosh Cut Glove Grey Medium Weight, Model# cr10g1
Compare At: $19.56
Fall Sale: $12.15
You Save : $7.41
Item Code: ARY-CR10G1

Kapoosh Hot Glove, Model# hgr2
Compare At: $24.85
Fall Sale: $15.15
You Save : $9.70
Item Code: ARY-HGR2

Kapoosh Small 2 Step Woodgrain Knife Holder, Model# 652
Compare At: $45.28
Fall Sale: $26.15
You Save : $19.13
Item Code: ARY-652

Kapoosh Woodgrain Knife Holder, Model# 650
Compare At: $39.34
Fall Sale: $27.11
You Save : $12.23
Item Code: ARY-650

Kapoosh Bamboo Knife Holder, Model# 650bb
Compare At: $58.95
Fall Sale: $38.20
You Save : $20.75
Item Code: ARY-650BB

Kapoosh Stainless Steel Knife Holder, Model# 625S
Compare At: $62.45
Fall Sale: $38.69
You Save : $23.76
Item Code: ARY-625

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