Jerky Making Articles & Guides

You can buy jerky at a store, but you can make jerky yourself that tastes just as good or better than mass-produced jerky and save money. Don't forget that you control the ingredients in your jerky, so you can make jerky with less salt, fat, and chemicals than store-bought jerky.

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How To Make Jerky
Making jerky at home is easy! Just follow these step-by step instructions.
Homemade Beef/Venison Jerky Recipes
Delicious recipes for making homemade beef or venison jerky. Your friends and family will love the jerky you make yourself with these recipes.
Don't Let Your Venison Go to Waste!
You worked so hard to hunt and kill the deer, bring it home, and process the venison. But your family, for whatever reason, doesn't eat it. Instead, make delicious venison sausage or jerky that everyone will love!

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