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Ever since the dawning of civilization, human beings have tried to make their food last longer. The oldest type of food preservation is simply to dry the food, evidence for deliberate dehydration having been found in archaeological sites dating to 12,000 B.C. Good for conserving proteins, spices, herbs and other foodstuffs drying certainly doesn't make most foods more palatable. Salting, canning and freezing were the next great steps in food preservation - and now today we have vacuum-sealing, probably the best method yet developed, and which grows more and more popular year after year. The use of a FoodSaverŪ Vacuum Sealer is now Standard Operating Procedure for modern kitchens. Use of the FoodSaver SmartSeal will allow you to preserve your meals up to five times longer than simple plastic wrapping and refrigeration. The Seal-in-Savings Kit comes with a SmartSeal V3250 sealer, an assortment of vacuum bags, plastic Lunch & Leftover containers, and Freeze N' Steam bags for microwave heating. The airtight seals created by the FoodSaver system helps ensure the culinary environment in your kitchen is free from from bacteria, chemicals and other harmful contaminants and vacuum-sealing virtually eliminates freezer-burn. Call with questions about FoodSaver's outstanding sealer products.
FoodSaver Portion Pouch Bags Double 11" X 16' Roll, Model# FSFSBF2626-002
Compare At: $22.87
Winter Sale: $15.35
You Save : $7.52
Item Code: JAR-FSFSBF2626-002-M6

Foodsaver 3 Bottle Stoppers, Model# T03-0024-02P
Compare At: $34.29
Winter Sale: $21.84
You Save : $12.45
Item Code: JAR-T03-0024-02P-MPP6

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