Omcan (Fma) 'Pasta Cutter6.5Mm (1/4")Rm220 Or R220 Sheeters, Model# 13225

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Omcan (Fma) 'Pasta Cutter6.5Mm (1/4")Rm220 Or R220 Sheeters, Model# 13225
Item Code:FMA-13225
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Overview of Omcan (Fma) 'Pasta Cutter6.5Mm (1/4")Rm220 Or R220 Sheeters, Model# 13225

Manufacturer #:  13225
This is Omcan's 6.5mm pasta cutter (model PCRM 2204) that offers a distinct advantage when a lot of pasta needs to be made. Its creates your ideal pasta shapes with the same width while saving time and energy. It is also possible to cut dough for tortellini and ravioli.. To use the pasta cutter, chefs generally spread the dough out on the counter while pressing the pasta cutter into it and pushing it across the dough which leaves behind neat ribbons of pasta. Also suitable for serious home use. Ideally, designed for use with Omcan RM220 or R220 sheeters, it will make the task of pasta cutting pleasant and easy.


  • Description: Pasta Cutters for sheeters 6.5 mm
  • Model: PCRM 2204
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 11.25" x 3.5" x 3.5"

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