Excalibur Ss Commercial Food Dehydrator 2 Zone Nsf, Model# COM2

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Excalibur Ss Commercial Food Dehydrator 2 Zone Nsf, Model# COM2
Excalibur Ss Commercial Food Dehydrator 2 Zone Nsf, Model# COM2Excalibur Ss Commercial Food Dehydrator 2 Zone Nsf, Model# COM2Excalibur Ss Commercial Food Dehydrator 2 Zone Nsf, Model# COM2Excalibur Ss Commercial Food Dehydrator 2 Zone Nsf, Model# COM2
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Overview of Excalibur Ss Commercial Food Dehydrator 2 Zone Nsf, Model# COM2

Manufacturer #:  COM2

Excalibur Commercial Food Dehydrators are NSF Certified Dehydrators!

You’re viewing our Excalibur stainless steel 2 zone commercial food dehydrator. This commercial dryer is perfect for drying herbs, fruits, vegetables, jerky, fish, pet treats, flowers, crafts, and much much more.

The Excalibur Commercial CM2 Dehydrator is made in the USA and is constructed of stainless steel inside and out. All of the seams are welded tight to prevent any food from becoming trapped and to eliminate bacterial contamination. This commercial dehydrator is NSF Approved and meets USDA requirements for food preparation.

Easy Cleaning: The dehydrator doors, the trays and the tray supports can be removed quickly and easily for fast cleanup. The fans and heating elements are built into hinged back panel assemblies to the back of the dehydrator for easy access and cleaning.

Digital Control: The commercial food dryer has a separate digital readout and 99 hour timer for each zone. The variable temperature controls can be set from 80 to 200+ degrees F independantly in each zone. Each zone has a separate automatic shutoff feature.

Adjustable Exhaust Damper: A unique adjustable sliding dampener is installed in both doors. The damper can be closed to retain moisture during the beginning of a drying process, creating a wet heat environment which is optimal for the destruction of harmful bacteria in accordance with government lethality requirements, especially for meat products like jerky.

Stainless Steel Trays: The unit includes 42 stainless steel trays each measuring 23.5" x 25.25" with 1.25" spacing between trays. The total drying surface area is 148 square feet.

Our Excalibur stainless steel 2 zone commercial food dehydrator comes with a manufacturer warranty. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our products.

  • The entire cabinet, inside and out, is constructed of stainless steel: welded and finished to strict NSF specifications to prevent food from getting caught between any seams.
  • Door, trays and tray supports, are removable for easy cleaning.
  • Motor and fan are connected to a hinged back assembly, which is held to the case with wing nuts, allowing easy access when cleaning.
  • Two independant zone computerized digital readouts, separate 99-hour timers, and 80-200+ Degrees F temperature controls with automatic shut off. The readouts have adjustable: fan delay, alarm type and beeper cycle. User may also select the readout to display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • INCLUDES 42 -- 100% stainless steel trays measure, 23 ½” x 25 ¼” with 1 ¼” space between trays and removable F. D. A. approved polypropylene drying inserts. A total of 148 sq. feet of drying space.
  • 20” H x 32 ½” W x 31” D. Stainless steel case, allows 4” at the rear of dehydrator for fan assembly. Vents from the front. Total weight 300 lb.
  • 208/220-240V, 30 Amp., 1ph. w/Gnd. (requires 4 wire 240V Connection), 4800 watts, runs 30 amps maximum. We suggest a 30-amp circuit, 60 cycle, single phase.
  • We suggest you hardwire the unit; a plug can be wired but is not included.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty. If the unit is modified in any way the warranty is void.

  • Dimensions: 70"H x 30"D x 30"W
  • Stainless Steel Racks: Includes- 42 Racks-- 100% Stainless Steel Trays
  • NSF Approved: YES
  • Drying Capacity Using Racks: 148 Square Feet
  • Drying Capacity Using Optional Pans: 71 Square Feet
  • Fan Blade Size: 8 - 6.5" Aluminum
  • Motor Config./Speed: 8- 1 Speed Motors
  • Cyclage - North America: 60Hz.
  • Cyclage - International: 50Hz.
  • Amperage: 23@208V - 20@240V
  • Voltage: International-(208/220-240V, 30Amp., 1Ph. w/ Ground -Requires 4 Wire 240V Connection)
  • Wattage: 4800 Watts
  • Breaker Suggested: 30 Amp. Breaker
  • Temperature Range: 80°F-200°F
  • Weight: 300 Lb.
  • Wheels: 4 Wheels (2 Front Locking)
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty

The manufacturer suggests that this unit be "Hardwired" and requires that it be installed by a Qualified Electrician to meet all current local and national electric codes. Improper installation will Void Warranty.

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