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Commercial Dehydrator Systems

Commercial Dehydrator Systems
The Commercial Dehydrator Systems (C.D.S.) company has been applying state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to industrial-scale dehydration projects since 1910. CDS has a roster of production dehydrators that include cabinet-style dryers as well as larger trayline and tunnel systems including some customizable, expandable models that are a combination of cabinet and tray/tunnel dryers. Their largest installations are over 200 feet. On all of the CDS dehydration processing machines, large scale ventilation fans facilitate air circulation and exacting temperature and humidity controls precisely dehydrate your product to perfection, without cooking, case hardening or caramelization. These tools can accomplish the most sensitive drying tasks while conserving energy; they're green machines. With models designed for indoor or outdoor installation, all CDS dehydrators are fully insulated and are designed for fast installation so you can get your dehydration production schedule on-line and in operation fast with ongoing support from the company. When your business demands vast quantities of dried goods, a Commercial Dehydator System industrial dryer is a sure and winning investment.
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