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Dehydrators by Size

You’re viewing our dehydrators by size. We carry well-known dehydrator brands like AmeriHome, Excalibur, Harvest Saver, Omcan, Weston, and The Sausage Maker. Choose dehydrators by size and capacity from countertop models to commercial machines, all at affordable prices. Each category listed provides dehydrators in varying sizes for home users, small businesses, and commercial businesses.

Dehydrators with 4 to 6 trays are ideal for most households, these countertop dehydrators make small batches of jerky and work well for preserving backyard garden vegetables and fruit.

Large families, avid gardeners, foodies, smaller farms and small businesses will appreciate our 9 and 10 tray dehydrators, the dehydrators have approximately 10 – 15 square feet of drying surface for bigger size batches of dried food.

Our commercial capacity dehydrators are made from durable stainless steel construction, with horizontal air flow, and drying surface from 36 to 136 square feet. Stainless steel dehydrators for commercial use have great looks, features, and durability. Stainless dryers are always horizontal air flow dehydrators.

Our home and commercial style dehydrators have a manufacturer warranty. We have answers to any questions you may have about our products. Scroll down to view our dehydrators by size.
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