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The food processor was a revolutionary kitchen appliance when it appeared in America in 1973. Devotees of the new "Cuisinart" like celebrity chefs Julia Child and James Beard helped spread the word. The Cuisinart food processor quickly became a best-seller and the company name became synonymous with convenient, powerful food processing. Cuisinart continues to commit itself to providing consumers with the easiest possible way to make fine food and healthy dishes. In addition to food processors the Cuisinart product line includes bakeware, dinnerware, glassware, blenders, flatware, hand mixers, soup makers, can openers, Espresso machines, microwave ovens, coffeemakers (single- or multiserve machines) coffee grinders, cookware, countertop ovens, countertop rotisserie and other cooking appliances. Cuisinart carries a fine line of frozen yogurt and ice cream makers, as well as a varied selection of niche and specialty products. Call with questions about Cuisinart's outstanding kitchen products.
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