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Columbia Tray / Tunnel Commercial Dehydrator - UL EPH Approved
UL Certified

Columbia Tray / Tunnel Commercial Dehydrator - UL EPH Approved

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  • Industrial-scale tray-and-tunnel dehydrator
  • Engineered and proven design provides even and consistent drying
  • Choice of stainless or carbon double-walled steel construction
  • Fully insulated for precise heat & humidity control
  • Direct-fire gas burner generates 1.4 million BTUs
  • Can be operated with natural gas, propane, or butane

Overview of Columbia Tray / Tunnel Commercial Dehydrator - UL EPH Approved

Manufacturer #: Columbia

This versatile, 44-foot-long commercial dehydrator is manufactured by C.D.S. (product Columbia-Dehydrator) and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor operation (interior use requires proper venting installation). Commercial Dehydrator Systems has been at the forefront of industrial drying applications for more than a century and this simple yet sophisticated dryer tunnel will provide 17,511 square feet of functional drying space when you choose the standard stainless steel 34.5” x 34.5” tray-and-dolly system. Stack-able plastic trays are an option (but will lessen your overall capacity to 16,085 sq ft.). This Columbia dehydrator boasts strong steel walls (double-walled, your choice of stainless or carbon steel) fully-insulated to ensure precise operational control of humidity and temperature. Internal tunnel temperatures can be precisely determined via the system’s L.E.D. displays (the max operating temperature in the dehydrator is 93.3°C/200°F). The Columbia’s powerful gas burner (choose butane, propane, or natural gas) generates approximately 1.4 million B.T.U.s; the unit’s 30-horsepower fan keeps the heated air moving uniformly and consistently. Combining large-scale production with superior quality, the Columbia is a great choice for your industrial dehydration needs.

Dryer Dimensions
  • Height: 16-feet, 6-inches (5.03 m) Installed
  • Width: 13-feet, 7-inches (4.14 m )
  • Length: 43-feet, 8-inches (13.31 m)
  • 3.5 million BTU standard burner that uses natural gas, butane or propane for its fuel source. 5 million BTU burner available as an upgrade.
  • Thermostatic Temperature Control (from ambient to 220°F/104°C).
  • Powerful fixed speed fan (variable speed available).
  • Adjustable fresh air inlet (humidity control)
  • Direct fired gas burner (natural gas or propane)
  • Steel Tube Construction
  • 30 HP single 72-inch (182.88 cm) fan for high air velocity. This produces approximately 71,000 CFM (2010.50 CMM). Can be upgraded to 20 HP twin 60-inch (152.4 cm) fans producing 106,000 CFM (3001.58 CMM).
Estimated Operating Costs
  • Fan Motor: 30HP
  • Heat Type: Gas Burner
  • Max Load: 3.5 million BTU's
  • Avg. Electrical Load (fan): 29.32 kw/hr
  • Avg. Heat Load: 1.4 million BTU's
  • Average Hourly Cost Fan/Heat:
    14 Therms x $1.45 = $20.30
    10.26 kw/hr x $0.12 = $1.23
    Total Average Hourly Cost = $21.53
*Notes: All heating loads were computed based on a 40% consumption rate. This is an average figure, and may not accurately represent all applications. Energy costs will vary per Therm and Kilowatt. Check rates for your area.

Other Features

  • 30-HP ventilation fan for thorough air circulation
  • UL-approved for food sanitation safety
  • Maximum operating temperature of 200°F / 93.3°C
  • Approximately 17,511 sq ft of drying surface area standard
  • LED Display of real time temperature with set-point control
  • Great for drying industrial quantities of meats, fruits, nuts, leathers, etc.


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