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VacMaster machines offer an affordable, easy-to-use means of keeping your food products as fresh as possible for as long as possible! Once vacuum-sealed, food products can last up 5 times longer than foods wrapped in plastic film or tin foil. Institute a food-sealing regimen in your kitchen and you will reduce food waste and spoilage and virtually eliminate freezer burn for your frozen foods. And as an added benefit, vacuum-sealed foods not only last longer, they taste better and they're fresher, too! Great for meats, veggies the chamber vacuum sealers can even seal liquid-rich foods like soups and gravies. A variety of sizes and capacities means there's a machine that's right for your culinary situation, whether it's your own kitchen at home or a food-processing center at a major restaurant. Vacmaster's fine products range from domestic vacuum sealers, commercial chamber vacuum sealers with 1 and 2 sealbars, vacuum bags and sous vide kits and accessories. Call with questions about Vacmaster's outstanding food sealing products.
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