Weston 6 Tray Food Dehydrator, Model# 75-0301-W

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Weston 6 Tray Food Dehydrator, Model# 75-0301-W
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Overview of Weston 6 Tray Food Dehydrator, Model# 75-0301-W

Manufacturer #:  75-0301-W

You’re viewing our Weston 6 tray food dehydrator. Make delicious, healthy snacks without the preservatives and additives you find in supermarket food. You can easily make healthy, delicious and natural snacks like trail mix, banana chips, fruit roll-ups, jerky and even doggie treats with Weston's 6 tray food dehydrator. Each tray measures 14-1/4" x 10-3/4" and has a fast drying 600 watt heating element. The color-coded thermostat adjusts from 84° to 155° F to retain the natural flavor of foods. The dehydrator is simple to use and perfect for drying anything from herbs to your favorite raw treats. Don't let foods like fruit go bad, save money and drop them in the dehydrator to make great take-along snacks for hunting, fishing, camping or road trips. The rear mounted drying system circulates air from back to front through each tray eliminating the need to rotate trays. The food dehydrator is lightweight and incorporates over 6 square feet of drying space, making it a great value for the money.

Our food dehydrator comes with a manufacturer warranty . We have answers to any questions you may have about our products. Scroll down to view our Weston 6 tray food dehydrator.

  • Ultra-quiet fan
  • Rear-mounted drying system
  • Color-coded thermostat
  • Solid ABS thermoplastic construction
  • Lightweight, counter-top design
  • 600 Watt heating element

  • Power: 500 W
  • Tray Size: 14-1/4" x 10-3/4"
  • Number of Trays: 6
  • Temperature: 84° to 155° F
  • Dimensions: 15.25"L, 21.25"W, 10.75"H
  • Weight: 18 lbs.

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