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Sausage Maker 1 Lb. Insta Cure No 1 (Prague Powder 1), Model# 11-1012

Sausage Maker 1 Lb. Insta Cure No 1 (Prague Powder 1), Model# 11-1012

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Item Code:TSM-11-1012-MPP6
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  • An essential component in food safety and preservation
  • Safeguards meats for canning, cooking or smoking
  • Slows process of spoilage
  • Inhibits microorganisms such as E. Coli
  • Gives color and taste to meat
  • Inhibits lipid oxidation (which leads to rancid meat)

Overview of Sausage Maker 1 Lb. Insta Cure No 1 (Prague Powder 1), Model# 11-1012

Manufacturer #: 11-1012

Insta Cure #1 from T.S.M. (model 11000, formerly called Prague Powder #1) is a basic cure to safeguard meats to be stored, canned, cooked or smoked. This powder, shipped in a 1-pound bag, acts to slow processes of meat spoilage and basically acts in the prevention of contaminating illnesses such as botUlism. This powder is composed of sodium nitrite added to salt and will work with most types of meat (including but not limited to corned beef, luncheon meats, bacon, ham, poultry, patés and fish). It has been scientifically established that sodium nitrite restrains and inhibits microorganism growth (such as E. Coli) that can cause disease. Insta Cure #1 also inhibits the process of lipid oxidation (which causes meat to become rancid) and helps to maintain the fresh color and flavor of meat. To use this product simply mix 1 level teaspoon with 5 pounds of meat – every pound of Insta Cure will cure approximately 480 lbs. of meat. (Note: this product is not a table salt or salt substitute, nor is it a meat tenderizer.)

Other Features

  • One level teaspoon cures five pounds of meat


Warranty1 Year
Net Weight1 lbs
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