Book: Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design

Book: Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design
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Overview of Book: Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design

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Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design is the definitive book on building smokehouses using anything from masonry blocks, barrels, old refrigerators and more creative materials. What makes this book the New Standard in smokehouse design is the encyclopedic knowledge of smoking meats provided by Stanley Marianski, the more than 100 detailed drawings and 50 photographs guiding you through the building and smoking processes and the incredible confidence the book breeds through its professionalism and readability on any level of expertise.

The first half of the book describes the basic principles of smoking, curing, cooking, storing and smoking meats and poultry. The second half helps you, through highly detailed and comprehensive designs, build your own smokehouse. Unlike many other books on this subject, Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design provides you with detailed instructions for smoking different kinds of meat rather than simply offering temperature ranges for smoking. TSM Highly Recommends this Book. 295 Pages.

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